Harvey Weinstein better hope he doesn’t run into Paul Sorvino.

The “Goodfellas” star didn’t hold back when TMZ asked him about the disgraced producer, who allegedly blacklisted daughter Mira Sorvino in Hollywood after she declined his sexual advances.

“If I meet him on the street, he oughtta hope that he goes to jail. Because if we come across [one another], I think he’ll be lying on the floor somehow, magically,” Sorvino, 78, told TMZ.

Sorvino added that he was not aware of Weinstein’s behavior until his daughter went public: “If I had known it, he would not be walking. He’d be in a wheelchair.”

Directors Terry Zwigoff and Peter Jackson have confirmed that Weinstein’s fabricated description of Mira led them to not cast her in “Bad Santa” and “Lord of the Rings.”

“This pig will get his comeuppance,” Sorvino said. “The law will get him. He’s going to go to jail and die in jail. But if he doesn’t … I’ll just slap him around. I won’t do anything terrible.”

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