DUBAI: The West African state of Ghana is actively participating at 14th edition of the International Property Show (IPS) that opened at the Dubai World Trade Centre on Monday.
Ghana will use the event to promote deeper and broader economic, cultural and commercial relations across the Middle East.
The team of exhibitors at the event are showcasing some of the prime Ghana real estate investment opportunities to interested Middle East investors and the expatriate community in general.
Ghana is currently one of the most attractive African property investment destinations for foreign investors, explains R. Yofi Grant CEO Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (Office of the President).
The benefits of investing in Ghanaian real estate are vast as the country enjoys a peaceful and stable political Rule with a rapidly growing economy. It has a stable political climate that is conducive to foreign investors, it offers low taxation levels, solid and handsome Returns on Investment (RoI).
Yofi Grant added that Ghanaians are friendly people coupled with a safe environment, the country has modern infrastructures as well as remarkable ease of conducting business.
During the three-day exhibition Ghana officials will be present to explain about the investment opportunities, the real estate industry, as well as related information on the culture, education and sundry socio-economic factors,

In order to attract more investment, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) is working hand in hand with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre to promote the Tourism Investment Promotion Act, which, among other things, will provide tax holidays, import duty holidays, and other incentives to make investments in tourism and hospitality more attractive, says Akwasi Agyeman, the CEO for Ghana Tourism Authority.

The GTA is setting up specialists for each of Ghana’s main tourist markets, including Europe, the US, Africa and Asia, in a way to understand their preferences and implement stronger links with tour operators in each region.

He added that diversifying its sources of visitors is also important for the tourism growth. Diversification is the perfect incentive for Ghana to offer a wider variety of options, says Akwasi Agyeman.

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