Dash Radio or a Tonetalks Youtube channel 7pm pst “Freeway Rick Ross, Black Wealth and the Dope Game” fire  Guest Freeway Rick Ross Going in on Jay Z, Rick Ross, John Singleton with that odd show. Dash Radio 7pm pacific Call in (323)879-4445 12/1 路♂️ Questions Below: 1) Freeway Rick did you and the dope game destroy black progress? 2) What does reality look like for a black man that can touch and move a million in literal cash? 3) Is Jay Z a real reflection of the dope man? Or something else entirely. 4) Rick Ross the rapper is a kid from a good home named William Roberts why did he need your name to be a rapper? 5) Did John Singleton vase his show on your life? 6) tax reform is on the horizon if we go back to trickle down what will Black America look like? 7) Are black men targeted for prison or was it a choice to sell dope?

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