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EXPOSED: The Passive Income Myth — 6 Things They Never Told You

Ahh passive income, the holy grail. Click a few buttons and sip pinna collides all day? Not so fast. In fact, If you don’t get what I’ll share with you in this short video, you’re in for a rough ride. Here is the dirty truth when it comes to making passive income. Got what it takes? Here are 6 things no one told me before pursuing passive income that I wasn’t expecting. Making this video to dispel some of the bullshit floating around out there about it — what to REALLY expect if you’re committed to making money online.

Hey refusers, Clark from refusingtosettle.com. I’ve been online since 2011. Read 4HWW obsessed with leveraging power of the internet. Dreams and learning about millionaires. Clicking buttons checking in internet cafes. Sounded like my lifestyle. Then I tried it…. MUCH harder than I thought. Fast forward to now, fluctuates but make average of $6,000 month online, (some months $12k others $3k) most considered passive. What I want to share with you in this video. No bullshit about passive income.

Disclaimer: niche I am in: SOLO Entrepreneur — digital content marketing: blogging, podcasting, video, online courses, email marketing, publishing, SEO, etc. Other kinds (I won’t touch on in this video): real estate, stocks, businesses, drop shipping, amazon FBA, etc.

1. Takes TONS of Active Effort to Set Up
i.e. have an online course — took me 40 hours x week for 4 months to set up. Took me five years to amass a following to sell it to. Took me five years and thousands of hours to develop the skills to talk about content. Took me hundreds of videos to get credibility.
YES. It takes WORK. It’s worth it in the end:
Possibility. Scaleability. Flywheel.
i.e. sell $47 prod at 3% to list of 3k built up over 12 mo = 90 sales ($4,230)
i.e. sell $47 prod at 3% to list of 30k built up over 24 mo = 900 sales ($42,300)
i.e. sell $47 prod at 3% to list of 300k built up over 60 mo = 9,000 sales ($423,000)

2. Takes Active Maintenance
i.e. My YT channel here — if I don’t post video? not as many sales, not as fast of growth, in 2017 NEED to stay relevant.
Your constant content is like heart beat contracting — circulates existing blood throughout body.

3. Takes A FUCK LOAD of Patience
Long term game. Most books trying to tell you otherwise.

4. Takes A Brand — Differentiation
You can type on a keyboard… so can EVERYONE else!
what makes you different? In 2017 — it takes a BRAND not just content. i.e. self-help space — no degree, no credentials, high burnout. Everyone can talk about these motivational ideas. Everyone knows a “life coach” — how many people use them?

5. Takes Adaptation
Cell phone from 2005 — would still work…. not well.
Need to constantly update you model.i.e. Facebook ads. Instagram platform. Snapchat. These things evolve. Can’t escape the change, you will ALWAYS be in this.

6. Bonus: Don’t Write off Active Income
i.e. coaching and consulting — not passive. It’s hourly. I love it.

Stop settling start living

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*Earnings Disclaimer*
Income statements made by this video are ONLY estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual.

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