Boosie opened up to VladTV about an incident in Biloxi, MS earlier this year, where he was followed around Edgewater Mall by a security guard, who maced his friends, his eight months pregnant niece, and him. Boosie said that 300 to 400 people were waiting on him outside of the mall, and when they witnessed the security guard harassing him, the security guard was “stomped out.” Boosie also touched on suing the mall, security guard, police, and Dillard’s over the incident.

Moving along, Boosie spoke on Edgewater Police taking his jewelry after he was arrested following the incident, and the rapper said he didn’t get the jewelry back until he hired a lawyer that had previously sued Dillard’s. To hear more, including how Boosie heard that the police were planning to throw $500,000 of his jewelry in the ocean as revenge, hit the above clip.

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