Article Image: Dallas Cowboys Release Dez Bryant

NFL franchise owner Jerry Jones shocked Cowboys nation on Friday, April 12, when he announced that star wide receiver Dez Bryant will not be coming back to Dallas for the 2018 season.

According to reports, the move to cut Bryant came off as unexpected to the three-time Pro Bowl player. He learned of the decision upon his arrival the team’s Frisco headquarters. It is reported that the news was delivered bluntly to Bryant and that he was not given the opportunity to negotiate a pay reduction to stay with his home of eight years.

“As an organization, we hold Dez Bryant in the highest regard, and we are grateful for his passion, spirit and contributions to this team for the past eight years,” Jones said in a statement that he personally released to the public. “He will always be a valued member of our family.”

It appears that Jones’ words did not resonate with Bryant, who retweeted a Russell Okung post that made note of how late in the offseason he was let go, and in its caption added, “You know how they play.” In addition to the move coming only weeks ahead of the draft, Bryant will not be granted a post-June 1 cut designation because of the timing, and will be left to shop his $12.5 million contract elsewhere.

Bryant would fire off his own series of tweets, beginning with one that informed his fans that it wasn’t his decision, and ending with another that was directed at America’s team. “If I didn’t have my edge I got it now… I’m sorry they got to feel me it’s personal… it’s very personal,” he wrote.

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