Article Image: Da Brat Ordered to Pay Extra $1M to Victim of 2007 Bottle-Throwing Incident

Rapper Da Brat made history in the mid-90s after becoming the first female rapper to go platinum. She had paved a successful lane for herself, but her fall from grace was quick after a vicious attack. In August of 2008, Da Brat was sentenced to three years in jail and seven years of probation for striking a woman in the face with a bottle during an incident in Atlanta nightclub. The event, which occurred in October 2007, left the victim with neurological damage and permanent scarring. The woman eventually sued Da Brat and won a judgment totaling $6.4 million that was handed down to the rapper while she was in prison for the incident.

As of today, the Da Brat has yet to pay anything to the victim, former NFL cheerleader Shayla Stevens and the interest has appreciated on the initial judgment making the grand total owed $7.8 million. Stevens has recently filed documents in California to register the judgment in the state as opposed to Georgia where the lawsuit originated. This move by Stevens allows her to go after Da Brat’s assets and property in CA.

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