Chris Paul was recently traded to the Houston Rocket from the LA Clippers, and now the alleged reason behind the trade of the point guard has surfaced. According to former Clippers broadcaster and ESPN correspondent Michael Eaves, Chris Paul’s “relationship with Doc Rivers started to deteriorate rapidly after the Clippers acquired Austin Rivers. Several members of the team felt Austin acted entitled because his dad was both the coach and the President of Basketball Operations.” Eaves went on to say “In the view of the tenured players, Austin Rivers never tried to fit in, and when players tried to address the situation with him, he still did not respond the way the core of the team wanted him to.”

Eaves also stated that the nail in the coffin for Paul and Doc Rivers “was a proposed trade involving Carmelo Anthony last season. New York offered Carmelo and Sasha Vujacic to the Clippers in exchange for Jamal Crawford, Paul Pierce, and Austin Rivers, a deal to which Rivers ultimately said no. That event led Paul to feel that keeping his son on the roster was more important to Doc than improving the team. So, ultimately, Paul lost both trust and faith in Doc.”

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