NBA Hall of Famer and NBA on TNT studio host Charles Barkley questioned LaVar Ball’s talent, parenthood, and character as a man while unloading on the basketball dad in an interview broadcast live on ESPN Radio on Wednesday morning, December 13.

During a guest appearance on the network’s “Golic & Wingo” show, Barkley was asked his thoughts on Ball’s decision to shop his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo to a professional league in Lithuania. Rather than focus his response on the move, specifically, the legendary trash-talking Barkley selected to strip down the Ball family patriarch for imposing himself on his sons’ careers.

“Everybody talking about how he might be a good father, this and that. No he’s not. He’s just exploiting his kids,” Barkley said. “He’s all about Big Baller Brand. He has no foreseeable talent. He’s trying to make money off his kids, and I just feel sadness for those kids because they’re going to do whatever he tells them to do. I just don’t like the guy at all, plain and simple.”

Barkley started his rant off by clarifying that he likes Lonzo but feels sadness for him given his father’s influence over people’s perception of his entry into the NBA. He then blasted the media – namely ESPN and CNN – for giving the outspoken Big Baller Brand boss a platform.

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