“I Am Chantel” 


As many of my followers would know, I picked up vlogging. I enjoy making videos of my activities and ideas using my creativity. It has become a very relieving and positive outlet for me. I started off with my iPhone, then upgraded to a point and shoot digital camera. Now I am using a canon T5 from the rebel series. One of me best investments ever. Anyways, I was laying in bed one day and I was thinking about all the things that I do and all the experiences that sum up who I am. I asked myself ‘Who Are You’? It dawned on me that this would be a great foundation for a vlog mini series because I have so much to say, so many answers. However, I did NOT want to just upload a bunch of videos ranting about my life, I do enough of that on snapchat. I really wanted to make it unique. Something “dope” and “artistic”. I wanted to use this idea to create some visuals and poetry that discuss the wide range of topics that has contributed to the woman I have become. This series aims to answer the question “Who is Chantel?” I looked at Beyonce’s “Lemonade” as inspiration. A well thought out visual for my followers to take a glance in the mind of Chantel. I call this mini series “I Am Chantel”. You can find the episodes in the Vlog tab of my website. The series will be uploaded in segments so the videos won’t be to long and so I can have the time to get creative with the episodes. I would like to thank each and every person who supports my artistry and follows my work. It truly means the world to me and I would love to know what you guys think. Leave me a comment because I want to know whats going on in your mind as well.

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Oh what an interesting concept this is inside of my brain. Perception vs reality. Us humans, always running around the world trying to make sense of the universe. I ask myself if the idea of reality is concrete. Is it real? I mean how can it be real if it means something completely different to all of us. We always hear that there are two sides to a story; his side, her side, and the truth. But is this really true. Assuming that we aren’t dealing with habitual liars, to him, his side is true. To her, her side is true. But I guess it can be true, perhaps it just depends on your perception of this topic. But is reality real? If the perceptions that construct our realities is based upon our own personal belief structures, is it safe to say it is not? I do not know the answer, but it is a thought provoking idea in my mind. I ask myself this a lot. I apply this question to many situations and it always leads me to a better understanding. We are not our eyes, ears, or brains. I think reality becomes a dangerous word when we assume our perception is reality. It becomes dangerous when don’t understand the difference. It is dangerous because we assume that our view is the only view. I think it is logical to say that reality doesn’t exist, given that its definition is different to everyone. Due to life experiences, we all perceive things differently and to each one of us that is reality. What do you think? Is reality a real concept????? -Chantel


Ms. Chantel Brown has been working with the President of Rick Ross Music Group (Suave Churchill) and CEO of Monsta Squadd Productionz, pretty much building her brand and teaching her the in’s and outs’s of the music Industry…

INTERVIEWER: So Mr. Suave how did you come across this lovely beautiful young lady?

SUAVE: Her music was brought to my attention awhile back and I continued to follow her, then she reached out via FB messenger, eventually we started talking and I thought she was ok but then I started hearing the growth over time, you can tell that she’s a perfectionist, so I really started to see that shes a grinder, only thing she needs is a producer that’s feeling her vibe, that has confidence in her and willing to give the attention she needs.

INTERVIEWER: Will Rick Ross Music Group work with her?

SUAVE: Of course, Rick Ross Music Group, Emanone’ which is a subsidiary under Rick Ross Music Group and Monsta Squadd, and under this umbrella she will have access to song writers and producers, pretty much everything to build her brand, Chantel is a very unique and intelligent young lady, I really didn’t want to work with her until she finished college, you know she attends the University of Nevada Las Vegas so her education was more important to me then the music but i was like “I better get a jump on this situation before someone else does” {laugh}

INTERVIEWER: She’s not only beautiful, she can sing also, so what can we expect from Chantel in the near future?

SUAVE: Well first and foremost a college degree {laugh} she has her own style and creative mind, my company will guide her then we’ll see what happens from there, Chantel is a very special person, you can tell that the difference from her and other artist is that gift, she’s very gifted and what i mean by that is very unique, Michael Jackson was different, Prince was different, Janet Jackson is different, most unique people make great music and Chantel is in that category.

INTERVIEWER: Great, I can’t wait for a single or album from this young lady, I’m very excited Suave, she seems to have her head straight and knows what she wants, well there you have people from a rising star “CHANTEL BROWN” so before i let you go Suave is there anything you would like to say as we close?

SUAVE: Yes, we’re looking for great producers that believes in her, Chantel, her music, voice, and inter-soul, pretty much someone that has the same desire, lets build together and the rest will come, so if that’s you contact me at suaverickrossmusicgroup@gmail.com



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