Cardi B is currently enjoying a spot as one of the most popular artists in hip-hop–on Monday she notched a place in the record books after becoming the first female rapper to land her first three chart entries in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. There was a point, however, where the Bronx-born rhymer considered hanging it up early in her burgeoning music career after her verse was removed from a song.

Cardi recalled the moment in a recent Instagram Live session and revealed that being bumped from the song was heartbreaking.

“I did a verse to somebody’s song,” Cardi began, “and other artists was on the song as well. I was so excited because I felt like my verse was so poppin’. And then, the artist told me that I couldn’t be on the song anymore because one of the artists that was in the song felt like I was too small and they were too big for me to be on the same song with them.”

“I was just fresh off Love & Hip-Hop and everything, and that s**t broke my heart…it was around Christmas time, and I felt so bad because nothing really could have cheered me up…”

Hear more from Cardi up top.

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