A 35-year-old super-featherweight boxer Rod Salka fought in a match in California last night. His opponent was no other but a Mexican fighter Francisco Vargas. Salka started off the fight by wearing a controversial pro-Trump pair of shorts that featured a brick wall pattern on them and words “America 1st.”

Salka’s arrogance did not, however, help him much in the battle. “Vargas beat Salka into submission, and he didn’t even return for the seventh round,” reported The Big Deal. Moreover, the decision to provide the equivalent of bulletin board material and motivation to Vargas did not work out for Salka either. According to The Big Deal, “Salka who hails for Pennsylvania, dropped to 24-5 for his career.”

I’d be curious to know if the decision to wear those disgusting shorts were Salka’s or someone else’s who paid him to wear such attire. Francisco Javier Vargas Peláez is a Mexican professional boxer, also known for his nickname “El Bandido.” As an amateur, Vargas represented Mexico at the 2008 Olympics as a lightweight.

Rod Salka is an American professional boxer. He is most notable for facing Danny García in 2014, a fight in which Salka was brutally knocked out in two rounds.


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