#Boosie says he’s stranded, offers $1K to give him a ride

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Following a blitz of wintry weather that left metro New Orleans coated with a layer of ice the night prior, officials announced that roadways out of the city were beginning to open back up on Wednesday, January 17.

The news apparently couldn’t come soon enough for Boosie BadAzz, who took to social media to gripe about being stranded in town and to offer to come out of pocket for anyone willing and able to get him across state lines ASAP.

“I’ve been stuck in this stupid a** f**king s**t for two f**king days. That ain’t even no f**king real snow out there motherf**kers. Stupid b***hes,” Boosie told followers in a video he posted to Instagram from his hotel room. “Man, look bro, I’ve been stuck, trying to get home for two days, bro. If they’ve got an Uber — somebody in New Orleans Uber, I will pay you $1,000 cash right now to take me to Atlanta.”

Because the arctic airmass that beset upon N.O. wasn’t expected, it forced the closing of schools and select workplaces in addition to parts of the interstate, bridges, and major roads. The frigid conditions were actually reported to have impacted an entire swath of the South, with reports of snow and icy roads from Biloxi to ATL.

Watch the clip above.

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