Article Image: Big Baller Brand Sued by Apparel Company Over Unpaid $25k Statements

Big Baller Brand seems to be in hot water over their merchandise. Though the Lavar Ball Show featuring his three sons is still running strong, the apparel brand hasn’t been doing the best. Criticized already for high pricespoor quality and incorrect deliveries, the company can now add breach of contract to its laundry list of problems.

According to the L.A.Times, The Closet Collection does the screen printing for BBB, and they claim they are owed $25k.

“When it came time to make payments, they kind of bailed,” an anonymous Closet Collection representative told The Times on Monday. “We tried for about three months. They said they would make payment about seven times. They just kept pushing it back and kept pushing it back.”

An estimated 2,500 pieces were done by the Closet Collection for BBB last May. That also includes storage and brand management.

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