New Disney Movie Exclusive preview of Toy Story 4 with Barbie and Ken and also featuring Woody and Buzz. On Playtime Toy Unboxing #PTU we use #toys and #dolls to put together this funny Barbie Movie parody for #kids with #Disney toys and Disney Princess dolls that is fun for kids of all ages and family friendly. Our Toy Story Movie features voices of #Daddy as Mrs. Potato Head, Woody, and Buzz as well as KEN Doll because we all know #Dads love to play with Barbie Dolls too. #Mommy is the voice of Barbie dolls and Kyla is the voice of Chelsea and plays herself in this new Barbie cartoon film. It is an instant Disney Classic for sure! Our favorite part is when the Disney Princesses run around in this Disney Movie. The Disney Toys are brought to life on fishing strings! We bring our toys to life in this funny toy video featuring new toys and a collection of Barbie dolls hanging out in the Barbie dreamhouse doll house. There is a new @toysrus #toysrus #toy in the house and the dolls need to know what surprise toy is in the bag. It turns out to be a new Ken doll and Barbie and Ken will fall in love for sure! Playtime toy Unboxing is the best toy channel for kids as we feature videos opening toys and toy unboxing but best of all we have fun green screen Barbie movies like the Grace’s World Toy Channel where Grace plays with Barbie dolls on green screen. PTU takes toy videos further by engaging kids with #silly voices, #funny character takes, and #cute storylines.

Kyla’s #youtube #toy channel features fun #family oriented videos like Grace’s World Barbie videos for kids toy channel. Grace Mulgrew and Kyla love playing with Barbie dolls and Playtime Toy Unboxing brings Barbie dolls to life . Channels like Grace’s World that make #fun toy reviews and toy unboxing videos for #kids of all ages include Playtime Toy Unboxing. Subscribe to our family friendly and #kid friendly channel for new videos of Barbie toys for girls and stay up to date with the latest new Barbie Dolls with Barbie toy reviews.

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