Founders Ernest “Suave” Churchill and Richard “Richie Rich” Morrow envisioned an elite squad of music producers and talented artists joining forces to create, transform, and take over the entertainment industry. From that idea, Monsta Squadd was born. The vision to take Monsta Squadd and its affiliates to the next level of the entertainment industry has been solidified through a unique approach to business, personal connections, and community outreach. Partnering with long-term friends and close family, Monsta Squadd also branched off into a full-fledged film and TV production company, Monsta Squadd Filmz. Monsta Squadd's promotion and support of family, teamwork, discipline and structure has proved to be a winning combination, serving to further its objective of professionalism and success among its members, teammates and affiliates. Paired with the inspiration and guidance provided from esteemed companies such as Rick Ross Music Group, Emanone Muzik Group LLC, LRT Entertainment, and Universal Music Group Distribution, Monsta Squadd has flourished, connecting some of the most elite producers, musicians, and artists from all over the world. Focusing its attentions on improving and unifying communities under a common goal, success among our youth, Monsta Squadd teaches money management, entrepreneurship, and sound career decisions. In all its endeavors, whether it is business, marketing, sponsorships, networking, or live performances, Monsta Squadd's cutting edge innovations have paved the way for companies and individuals to connect and flourish.


 Ernest “Suave” Churchill

Founder and CEO of Monsta Squadd, and currently president at Rick Ross Music Group, Suave has been in the industry for well over 20 years. He started out as an artist with the group "Nina Mobb" and was signed to the Freeway Rick Ross label “Freeway Academy.” He decided he wanted to be behind the scenes some years later. In the mid 90's, Suave joined the Priority Records street team, pushing artists such as Mack 10, Bad Azz, Snoop Dogg, All Frum Tha I, Dr. Dre and others.

In 1998, he became head of promotion for FunkCave Records, and shortly after, Vice President of Deep In The Game Records, working with artists such as E-40, Kokane, Spice1, KMG of Above The Law, Deep In The Game, Affiliatez and Justified. Suave's defining moment came when he witnessed Dr. Dre working on the first "Chronic" album at Dick Griffey's studio, Solar Hines.  Witnessing the making of Dr. Dre inspired Suave to take command of an organization.

In 2003, Suave dabbled in management with his first artist Krook, a West Coast R&B sensation who worked with several artists, such as Tha Dogg Pound. Suave moved to Sacramento, California 2005 when the Northern California scene started booming. There, he connected with Redderick Lewis (aka Pug), the CEO and founder of Outta Bounds Entertainment Group. Redderick introduced Suave to artists such as Messy Marv, C-Bo, Young Meek, Brotha Lynch Hung, Homocide, Bumpin T, Ms. Marvaless, T-Nutty, Mac Dre, Ole E and Redrum.

Presently, Suave is affiliated with one of the industry gurus, Tiffany Gaines, learning the in-depth angle of the corporate side. Suave also connected with Eric Robinson, who introduced him to the black college scene by bringing him on as the West Coast Regional Manager for Grooveline Magazine, providing him the opportunity to tour the entire black college circuit with major artists.

Although Suave has been in the game many years, he's always open to advice and willing to learn something new. Growing up in Pomona, California, Suave was surrounded by great talent, whether it was sports or entertainment. He was influenced by many hometown icons such as Suga Free, Kokane, Above The Law, Sugar Shane Mosley, Greg Ballard, Marvin Mattox, and more.


Richard "Richie Rich" Morrow

Co-Founder and CEO of Monsta Squadd, and head A&R at Rick Ross Music Group, Richard started in the music business in 1997 as a record store owner. From there, he started his own mixtape series called Bootleg Music Mixtapes which featured underground artists. He was also manager for artists such as Willie Hustle, who often worked with 334 Mobb (Def Jam), and Da Product. As one of the co-founders of the Rap Star Promo internet promotions company in the early 2000's, he learned the importance of online presence and branding. Mr. Morrow went on to create Team Hustle Promotions, and hasn't stopped since.


Tiffany Gaines aka “Blasia”

Senior Marketing Director of Monsta Squadd, CFO and board member for Curtis Young, Son of Dr. Dre, Freeway Rick Ross and Christine Storm, CEO of LRT Entertainment, Owner and Founder of SS (SHARED SUCCESS) Music Group and Blasia's Entertainment LLC. Tiffany Gaines has been building a name for herself as a woman of integrity and professionalism for more than a decade. She has worked with various recording artists, producers and A&Rs from both major and independent labels. She preserves the high level of ethics, maintaining long-term stability in providing access to a spectrum of quality entertainment sources to all sides of the business.

With a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with an emphasis on Law and Society, she has proved herself as an intelligent, serious, determined businesswoman and entrepreneur. Born of African American and Taiwanese descent, her ability to speak Mandarin fluently has been advantageous in her global business communications. She currently represents a select few international clientele in both Japan and China for those seeking to raise or reposition their public profile in the entertainment industry.

In addition to her extensive resume, Tiffany serves on the advisory board for the HOW Movement. The mission of the HOW (Helping Ourselves Win) Movement is to eliminate generational poverty by teaching young adults how to empower, educate and train their brains to think like entrepreneurs and agents of social change.

She’s also the founder and creator of Freeway’s Break Free Campaign, a movement catered to merging nonprofit organizations, charities and communities together to help end the negative effects of poverty. The campaign offers hope through programs for anti-bullying, self-esteem, domestic violence survivors, homeless outreach, employment, literacy and mentorship, as well as entertainment through concerts, celebrity basketball and football games, fundraisers, and other community related events, influenced by the destructive-turned-productive life story of Freeway Rick Ross.