Hip Hop Week In Review: Kendrick Lamar, Drake & Rick Ross


HIPHOPDX – This week in Hip Hop, Kendrick Lamar’s cryptic post is solved with a new single taking shots at a certain rapper.  Also, the mysteriousness of who Drake dissed on More Life is hypothesized and Rick Ross announces a new album.

Kendrick Lamar Is Giving Y’all Until April 7 To Get It Together

Kendrick Lamar has put the Hip Hop world on notice, overnight, with a 5-minute round titled “The Heart Part 4.” He kinda forewarned everyone something was coming when he posted a cryptic message on his Instagram of the roman numeral 4.

Then the song dropped.

It starts off pleasantly enough, but when the beat drops, the knives come out. Without saying names he references a certain rapper tip-toeing around him, and also threatens to let the bag out on another rapper, allegedly Drake, if he told a lie on the TDE revolver. Fans speculate one of his main targets to be Big Sean.

“Hoe, Jay Z Hall of Fame, sit ya punk ass down,” he quips in the song, possibly referencing Sean’s Hall of Fame album.

Another target of Dot’s is naturally, President Trump.

“Donald Trump is a chump, know how we feel, punk,” he raps. “Tell ’em that God comin’
And Russia need a replay button, y’all up to somethin.’”

Needless to say, like his “Control” verse, “The Heart Part 4” has the industry shook. On April 7 there will be more.

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A Thorough Rundown Of Drake’s “More Life” Attacks

Drake is Hip Hop’s behemoth at the moment. By moving millions of units, selling out arenas, being radio’s go-to Pop rapper in excessive rotation, the impressive 4.2 rating on DX and dating women from every young man’s dream seemingly has him on top.

His highly-anticipated playlist More Life dropped this past week with projected high selling numbers and the 6 God used the project to take shots at those who have came for him and his career over time. Notably, Meek Mill, Tory Lanez, Jay Z and Kid Cudi.

Who he didn’t go at, despite them coming for his neck, seems to be Joe Budden and Pusha T.

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Rick Ross Has Another Album Dropping Soon

Right after the release of Rather You Than Me, which received a 3.9 rating from DX, Rick Ross announced his next project, after falling second to Drake’s More Life.

Port of Miami 2: Born to Kill will be the follow-up to Rozay’s current project.

“My 10th album before I close out my 10th year will be Port of Miami 2: Born to Kill,” Ross told 103.5 The Beat’s Papa Keith.

Even though Ross’ Birdman diss couldn’t help him with sales for Rather You Than Me, here’s to hoping a reunion with Cool and Dre for Port of Miami‘s sequel and a better outcome.

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DXclusives: Murs, Cyhi The Prynce & Lecrae

Murs came through #DXLive and shared with the team how he took the late Bill Paxton’s son, an aspiring rapper, on tour with him.

“I took [Paxton’s son James] on tour with me and his son is super humble and could have acted like a rich, spoiled brat,” he said. “He drove the van, sold t-shirts, but he has bars. He wanted to rap and I was like ‘If you wanna rap this is what you gotta do. Pay your dues.’ He had no problem [with that]. So the last show we had in Oklahoma City we let him open up and do his first set live and I filmed it and sent it to his pops; his pops was stoked. That was like my friend friend, like a father figure, mentor and role model, just an overall great man, and the way we look at rap he looked at acting.”

Shirley Ju caught up with your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper Cyhi The Prynce at SXSW last week and got an update on Kanye West’s status after he was hospitalized late last year. Malik Yusef revealed in February that ‘Ye had been suffering from memory loss, which was slowly coming back.

“Kanye’s very well,” Cyhi disclosed. “Y’all giving him an excuse for being lazy right now. Like, everybody thinks he’s crazy. So the world…he’s just getting to sit over there, and chill with the fam now, ‘cause everybody feel like that. But no. Kanye’s good. He’s in good spirits. I talked to him last week. I’m going to bring the album back out there next weekend, and we’re going to finish it up together.”

The video set for Lecrae’s first radio single, “Blessings,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign included cameos from the rapper’s closest industry friends including Zaythoven over Grammy weekend.

With “Blessings” being Crae’s first radio single, he speaks on the importance of bringing positive music to the mainstream.

“We need to be reminded that good exists and we don’t have to always have a negative outlook on everything, man,” he said. “We take so much of the things we have in life for granted, so I said it a million times before, but real talk, before you complain, be grateful you got breath to complain with. That’s really the essence of this whole song and video.”

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