Top 25 most creepy and strange photos of peoples bizarre Christmas trees, kids with Santa, and nightmare worthy Santas!

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14. Christmas Face Swap
This santa has a real babyface going on, and you can tell that beard is fake! This has to be one of the scariest face swaps of all time or is it possible the original photo? Maybe this kid you see here, has developed facial hair at an extremely young age with fluffy caterpillar eyebrows to match.

13. Not Again
Looks like Uncle George who was supposed to dress up as Santa for the kids, got into the eggnog a little too soon at the Christmas party! Can’t he just show up sober for once in his life sheesh! Remember kids, if you booze, you loose!

12. Battle Santa
You know, delivering presents around the world in one night has gotta be a difficult job that takes some serious skill and it also requires going through some rough, unstable countries at times. Looks like santa in this photo got caught up in some kind of protest in the middle east and he might have to go another route than previously planned.

11. Christmas Craziness
What do you think of when you think of Christmas? Joy, laughter, the look on your kids faces when they open up a new present? Don’t forget about semi-automatic rifles! BB guns are for total wussies and these parents don’t want to raise their kids like that! Ammunition makes for great stocking stuffers!

10. Festive Cheer
Christmas is that time of year, no matter whether you’re a preppy jock or a depressed gothic kid, to put on a smile and enjoy the festivities! Although these guys felt like it might make them conformists to visit santa at the mall this year, they just couldn’t resist seeing jolly old Saint Nick!

9. The Family Tree
Sometimes families can be a little too overly enthusiastic about Christmas and take family photos like this. Some family trees might have a few nuts on the branches. But hey, you gotta do what you got to do in order to get some honey baked ham.

8. Santa’s Been Watching
You ever wonder how Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice? You think he just makes a wild guess? No. He might come peering through your window from time to time to see if you’ve been and checks your internet browsing history not once but twice. Just be sure you sleep with the light on during Christmas eve, because he’ll getcha.

7. Frostbite
Little did you know, that when you innocently built a snowman on Christmas Day, you actually constructed a demonic being capable of possessing your soul. Either that, or this guy is building his snowman over an elf burial ground and summoned some darkness!

6. Special Package
This elf here just can’t wait to give you your special present that you’ve been waiting for all year long. He’s been working extra hard on this present and doesn’t want you to leave disappointed. Go ahead and see what he might have in store for you.

5. Santa Fail
We might have heard about santa having rosy cheeks from Christmas carols and what not but it seems like the Santa just epically failed and he needs to change his costume asap. It almost looks like the santa had a clown gig before coming to the mall or something! At least the kid is happy! That’s what counts right!

4. Vintage Christmas
Judging by a few photos including this one, some of the creepiest Christmas photos end up being in black and white. Santa came by to bring this girl in the hospital, which seems like a great idea to lift her spirit! But what’s going on with the two freaky clowns on the left side! Is that how clowns looked back in the day! This girl should just grab her doll and run if she can! Or maybe we’ve had it wrong the entire time and clowns are actually santa’s helpers and not elves? Who knows.

3. It’s too late!
Ever wonder how possibly santa can deliver presents each and every year without getting older? Could he possibly be immortal or did he die at some point and back to life like a zombie? This photo here seems to look like he might be possibly, and it’s already too late for this girl.

2. The Krampus
This is why kids need to behave during Christmas time or the Krampus might come out and getcha! This is a photo of the German mythical creature who basically does the opposite of Santa Claus and is a long horned creature that hunts down naughty children and abducts them.

1.Zombie Tree
So all you really want for Christmas is a zombie under the tree? Some decide to give Christmas a strange halloween twist like you see hear and put this zombie under their tree. Instead of brains, he’s after your presents. So you better watch out! Losing our presents would be much worse than our brains.

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