Nipsey Hussle One Of The Most Prolific Artist In The World Speaks More Than Rap!


Today, fathers day weekend 2017 hot and humid on the WestCoast 109 degrees.  I’m not going anywhere! so I decided to get on the computer and go to work, so happened I see a pop-up, West-Coast Hip-Hop,  I click on it and the first person I see is NIPSEY HUSSLE, so I started hitting and listening to a couple of channels speaking on this young lad and I was pretty impressed.   This dude spoke highly intelligent and more on Commerce than the streets and Cripping, let me breathe on you for a minute.


I was born and raised in Pomona California, the last city in Los Angeles County before you entered the Inland Empire, growing up in the land (Pomona) we very seldom entered the I.E. as teens, L.A. was always the spot, every Sunday Crenshaw & Slauson, low riders, the females and just flossing.  Fast forward,  I was in a rap group called “NINA MOBB”  A friend of mine, Mikey B Real introduced us to Freeway Rick Ross, this was in the 90’s right there at the Theatre on Crenshaw & Adams, so the point that I’m making is, here we are 20 years later and this dude Nipsey has taken this CRENSHAW BRAND and turned it to COMMERCE, yes we seen the movie “BOYZ N DA HOOD” but he put the district on his back, I’m watching a documentary about Nipsey and his brothers on how they hustled the streets with their T-shirts and how one-time (Police) harassed them daily until the cop told them how to do it right, you know if you’re making money you must pay the city.



I won’t tell the story, check it out for yourself, Nipsey speaks volume and value in this documentary, I consider myself an OG in the game being taught and raised by Mr. Freeway Rick Ross but this young dude Nipsey showed me something totally different about branding, see you’re never too young or old to learn, I don’t have a chip on my shoulder so I was all ears.  Marathon Clothing, back in the day Slauson Tee’s, the foundation was set, but the vision grew and the platform was set.  They started from the curb and from my understanding, Black Sam Nipsey brother had a niche and intelligence to help felons and parolees as well as teaching them business, this is the real “BLACK WALL STREET”  so what I see here is, as my t-shirt brand states, “DO WHAT THE WINNERS ARE DOING” and that’s what Nipsey is doing, BUILDING COMMERCE as these big corporate companies have been doing from the beginning of time, Black-Sam and The Foundation are showing you the hustle, showing you the blueprint of success.



Myself, the ex-president of Rick Ross Music Group, CEO of Monsta Squadd Global, taking pages out of Nipsey’s playbook, I will grow and broaden my horizon and vision.  I feel that most of these youngsters just need guidance but you have to be willing to do as myself, Nipsey and Black Sam has done, invest in yourself, you see in any game you will take losses, losses is nothing but a temporary road block, you have to figure out how to maneuver around those road blocks and remember not to go down that road again or you’ll be in that same situation.  I’ve never met Nipsey or Black Sam but I will make it down to the city and let them know how much they have inspired me and I hope this piece has inspired you.  I’ve recently resigned as the President of Rick Ross Music which was owned by the ex-drug King pen Freeway Rick Ross to pursue my dreams of being my own boss and to inspire others that have a dream of doing the same.  My company Monsta Squadd Productionz LLC is primary an entertainment marketing company that help Independent artist, businesses, and just people who have a dream, those that’s motivated to grow as entrepreneurs.  We build websites, mobile apps, help create your apparel brand, generate your social traffic and SEO,  Graphic design, Major distribution with Universal Music Group Distribution, contacts with every major DJ coalition across the country, marketing, CPA marketing and programmatic marketing, pretty much branding your platform.  Check us out at download our mobile app  



Monsta Squadd is based on Integrity, so you will receive nothing but respect and action, If we can’t help you after our consultation, we will let you know and put you in front of one of our contacts that can. If you are a true hustle and have grind in your blood, check this site out


So all that being said, salute to Black Sam and Nipsey for giving up that free game, I hope people follow your lead and transition into becoming legal in this new world of entrepreneurship, GAME RECOGNIZE GAME! Salute.


Pomona Executive Suave,