After announcing the creation of the Junior Basketball Association, LaVar Ball took the time to address what he believes the league will do and the haters who are already calling his move a failure. The JBA is a professional basketball league that will pay high school prospects for the NBA $10,000 per month as they forgo college athletics to prep. for the NBA.

Many people have heralded LaVar’s decision to create a league that will pay players as a great way to dismantle the NCAA’s system of making millions off the bodies of predominately Black athletes without paying them for their work. Others have criticized the outspoken father as a terrible businessman who has taken on more than he can chew. LaVar had something to say about all the hoopla centered around the announcement.

“Happy Holiday, as you now know the Big Baller has created his own league. You tell me I ain’t looking towards the future. Yes, I am,” reassured Ball.

He goes on to address the importance of the league. “I’m doing something that should have been done a long time ago. I’m giving these guys what they’re worth. Like I said, the JBA is a heck of a league, and it’s going to be one of the most exciting ever.” To his haters, he let them know to continue on doing what they’ve been doing, “nothing.” Ball’s youngest son LaMelo is rumored to be apart of the league.

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#LaVarBall speaks on new JBA league

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